Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the huts the same inside?
Yes, all The Herdwick Huts are the same inside, making it less troublesome in choosing which one to stay in.

How far apart are the huts?
The huts are nicely spaced around the edge of their own site, about 20m apart.

Is there parking nearby?
Yes, the hut site has its own parking bay.

What is the difference between each hut?
  •   Ghyll - Is on the left hand side of the entrance by the beautiful glade of trees and near the parking bay. This hut is dog friendly.
  •   Gerdy - Is the next one along from Ghyll looking across to the woodland and dog friendly
  •   Blea - Is nearest the stream ( next to 'Gerdy' ) and dog friendly
  •   Nab - Is set up high, above Gerdy overlooking the whole site and dog friendly
  •   Tarn - Is set on the right hand side as you come onto site, set in front of the squirral hide and woodland. This hut is dog free.

What is a compostable toilet?
A compostable toilet means that eventually the waste can actually be used as compost if the toilet is used correctly. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS as there is a urine seperator under the front of the seat that must be used. See The Facilities page for more info  

Do you do one night stays?
Unfortunatly not, the bookings run from a Monday for a 4 night mid week stay or 7 night full week or a Friday for a 3 night weekend or a 7 night full week. See Availability and Booking page for more info  

Can I cook in the huts?
Yes, there is a cast iron gas hob which you can make basic meals on such as pasta, soup or rice dishes and of course cups of tea! All cups/utensils, pots and pans are provided. See The Facilities page for more info  

Can I bring a well behaved dog?
Yes, 4 of the huts are dog friendly.There is a small supplement of £15 for a dog.  It is only the hut named 'Tarn' that is not. Please be aware that no dogs are allowed on the bed linen.

Are there toilet and shower facilities on site?
There is a private compost toilet for the hut guests on the hut site and a state of the art toilet/shower block on the main site as well as washing up facilities (3mins walk walk through Sculpture Woodland, turn left past The Tea Room and just over the bridge their are some steps leading to the building). See The Facilities page for more info  

Is there electricity in the huts?
No, the huts are romantically lit with tea light lanterns, there is also an L.E.D torch.

Can I charge my phone?
Yes, you can charge your phone in the toilet/shower block on the main site.

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