The Herdwick Huts and The Environment


  • At The Herdwick Huts we care about the environment and that's why all our cleaning products are environmentally friendly to both you and the land.
  • Our briquettes are recycled hard wood.
  •  There is really no need to buy plastic bottled water as there is a cannister in the huts that you can refill at the spring water tap. Water doesn't get any better than this, straight from the Fairfield mountain range.
  • Rydal Hall has one of the largest hydro powered turbines, currently generating electricity for 400 local homes.

Rydal Hall is using traditional methods to restore a natural woodland on their 34 acre estate. The woods were previously a plantation to provide fuel and building materials for the 17th Century hall.

The first step is to open up the thick canopy to allow light to penetrate to the ground by removing the non-native trees, but in a dense wood, timber extraction is difficult. Turning away from vehicles and machinery, Rydal Hall engaged Dan Sumner, a local tree logger to use Cubb horses to drag the felled trees. Cubbs are similar to Shire horses but smaller. This ancient method will help support the red squirrel population and wildlife. Apart from being quieter and pollution free, the use of horses breaks up the ground allowing native grasses and plants to establish themselves, creating a woodland scrub layer and create small glades. Some of the wood will be used as fuel and the rest is being carefully stacked to provide wildlife habitats.

The project will be carried out over several years, by eco-foresters, the Rydal Hall estate team and volunteers. Local schools are being encouraged to use the Rydal woods as an educational resource. All of Rydal Hall’s woodland and gardens are open to the public and the estate is designated as a Special Conservation Area in the Lake District National Park.

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